Brows Treatment Price
3D Hair Stroke Eyebrow Enhancement £450
Shadow Block Eyebrow Enhancement £375
*Prices Subject to change

Lips Treatment Price
Lip Liner £375
Lip Blush (liner with subtle blending) £450
Full Lip Colour (liner and lip colour) £600
*Prices Subject to change


Eyeliner Treatment Price
Eyeliner Top and Bottom £400
Eyeliner (top) £250
Eyeliner (bottom) £250
Eyelash Enhancement £195
*Prices Subject to change


Beauty Spot Treatment Price
Beauty Spot £90
*Prices Subject to change
Refresh of colour within a year Price
Refresh of colour within a year £250
Corrective Treatments
Corrective Treatments will be priced on consultation
Deducted from cost of treatment if you choose to go ahead  £50