5 great reasons to choose semi-permanent eyeliner

Semi-permanent makeup is fast becoming a popular and affordable cosmetic treatment for the modern, busy lady. One of the most popular treatments we do is semi-permanent eyeliner enhancement. If you’ve ever struggled to get that perfectly straight line along your top lid and ended up looking like a panda, you’ll already know how frustrating applying eyeliner each day can be, which is why so many women are choosing to take the easy route by having semi-permanent makeup applied.

Aside of the sheer convenience and time saving benefits of semi-permanent eyeliner, there are a number of other reasons you should be considering this as your next personal investment. Here are just five of those reasons:

1.      No mess, no fuss, no smudges

Once you’ve had your eyeliner enhancement applied you will be able to go swimming, take a shower or even burst into tears as often as you wish without running the risk of smudging your eye makeup. You’ll be able to look good, even when you’ve just woken up, and your morning routine will be so much more relaxing!

2.      Looks better every time

Some days you can get your eyeliner just so. Other days you might try for half an hour and still not get that perfect shape. With semi-permanent eyeliner you’ll be able to enjoy the perfect shape every day without even trying.

3.      Protection for your eyelashes

If you suffer with sparse or short eyelashes, having semi-permanent eyeliner applied will not only enhance your eyes but will also protect your eyelashes from future damage. The act of applying eyeliner to the edges of the eyelids, along with the scrubbing that goes with removal, only serves to exacerbate the problem of thin or short lashes. Removing these processes will give your lashes a chance to grow and thicken up.

4.      Protection from discomfort

If you are unable to use eyeliner for any reason, semi-permanent makeup may be the answer you are looking for. If you wear contacts, have allergic reactions to the ingredients in makeup or suffer with watery eyes, having semi-permanent make up applied can help you enjoy the benefits of eye makeup without the worry or discomfort.

5.      Colours to suit your skin

Semi-permanent makeup is available in a wide variety of colours to suit your skin tone. This means you can achieve a softer, more natural look for everyday wear, and can always jazz it up with additional makeup over the top for a big night out. Your Beauty Ink consultant will be able to advise you on the best shades for your skin tone and eye colour depending on the look you are trying to achieve.

Semi-permanent eyeliner can be applied to the top or bottom eyelid, or to both as you prefer. The treatment is completely safe and will last anything from 2 – 5 years or more, depending on your lifestyle. We love semi-permanent eyeliner and know you will too. Contact us to discuss the many benefits of this type of beauty treatment as well as others on offer from Beauty Ink.

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  1. Thank you so much Isla for your great patience with me,I am delighted with eyeliner results and lips. Was feeling a bit frumpy for a while there and you have given me a much needed boost . You have certainly enhanced the shape of my lips and my eyes , both look very natural.

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