Semi permanent makeup – what to expect

Many people are worried about semi permanent makeup treatments. They think it will hurt, are concerned about taking time off work or worried that it won’t look good. Here are some key pieces of information for anyone considering semi permanent makeup which should help them decide if the treatment is right for them.

What exactly is semi permanent makeup?

Treatments classed as semi permanent makeup can also be described as ‘Micropigmentation’, and are a way of implanting colour underneath the skin surface to change your appearance. Some clinics refer to the procedures as ‘cosmetic tattooing’, although there is a world of difference between semi permanent makeup and a traditional tattoo.

Tattoos go down to the very deepest layers of your skin to inject colour, whereas semi permanent makeup implants colour much higher up. We use a single, sterile needle and gentle ‘scratching’ to insert your colour. Our technology is digital and highly accurate to ensure you have a safe and precision perfect treatment.

What to expect at your appointment

Most of our clients come for an initial consultation, and then come back at a later date for treatment. When you come for your treatment, you will have a topical anaesthetic applied to your skin, and then Isla will draw on the eyeliner / eyebrows or lips as required so you can see what the final result should look like. Once you are agreed on the colour and shape, Isla can get to work on the semi permanent makeup application.

The process usually takes between one and one and a half hours. During this time, you may experience slight discomfort but most people feel nothing at all. Clients who are having their eyebrows done often comment that it’s no worse than having them plucked. The lips can be more painful as this is a much more sensitive area in general, but most people say it is not as bad as they thought it would be.

And after?

You will be given instructions on how to care for your semi permanent makeup when you leave the clinic. As a general rule:

* Eyebrow treatments: Look almost normal straight away and generally cause no discomfort or obvious swelling.

* Eyeliner: Is often very puffy upon leaving the clinic and can be slightly uncomfortable.

* Lip colour: Is the most obvious treatment, and can be very swollen for a day or two after treatment.

Taking time off work following treatment is entirely up to you. You will be physically well enough to go back the next day if you wish, but if you don’t want people to know you’ve had a treatment you might want to wait a little longer. Clients who have had eyebrow treatments have often gone back to work the same day, but those with eyeliner and lip makeup tend to take a few days off to allow the swelling to go down.

Remember, you will lose around 50 to 70 per cent of the colour of your semi permanent makeup during the first week, so if you get home and think it looks far too dark, don’t panic! By the following week your colours should have mellowed out, and you will be looking the way you hoped you would look.

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