What you need to know about semi-permanent makeup

If you’ve never heard of semi-permanent makeup before, don’t worry. Despite being practiced in the UK for almost half a century, semi-permanent makeup is only just really gaining momentum as a popular form of cosmetic enhancement. Here is a quick introduction to help you understand what it’s all about.

What is semi-permanent makeup?

The treatment involves placing pigment (colour) underneath the skin, similar to the process used in tattooing.

What can you have done?

Semi-permanent makeup can be used in a variety of areas. At Beauty Ink we specialise in eyeliner, eyelash enhancement, eyebrows and lips. There is a wide variety of colour options available, and we can help you pick the most natural, complementary shades for your skin tone and eye colour so that you achieve a flattering but unobtrusive finished look.

How the treatment works

Much like the process of getting a tattoo, semi-permanent makeup is applied using a needle to place pigmented granules under the top layers of skin. The product we use for this is hypoallergenic, which avoids any nasty reactions occurring. Some clients feel a slight discomfort, but the majority don’t feel very much at all.

Is it expensive?

Initially the costs may look significant, but if you compare them to several years of daily makeup application and the amount this costs, they start to look much more reasonable. Add in the time you save, and the fact you can now go swimming, to the gym or can dance the night away without any risk of black smudges and the treatments certainly seem worth the investment.

Is it safe?

The technology we use to deliver the pigment to your skin is top of the range and is one of the safest on the market today. We always operate in sterilised conditions, and use applicators that are individually packaged and used one time only. We cannot guarantee you won’t suffer an infection, but are doing everything we can to avoid this happening.

Contact us to find out more about semi-permanent makeup and see for yourself why this is the fastest growing cosmetic treatment in the UK today.

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